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Learn and play. Isn’t it the best way to enjoy learning and to actually learn something? It is with this in mind that we created “Dino Math”, for all kids and children (and even adults!) to improve their mathematics. Based on a tested and approved learning methodology, Dino Math contains:

• Thousands of lessons and calculation + − × ÷
• A step by step learning through many levels
• A rewarding progression, always nurturing
• Trophies to unlock at a regular pace
• For all ages and levels
• A friendly and simple interface
• Unlimited use online or offline

The app contains 4 main themes: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Each theme will take you through many levels and diverse calculations, in the company of cute dinos. According to your results, you will gain stars to unlock next levels and even some cool trophies. You can also do again finished levels to improve your skills even more.

Whether you need to discover maths, improve fast or even to reconcile with, the little dinos are here for you 😉

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