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“We do not decide our future. We decide our habits and our habits decide our future.”

Eden is your new habits tracker companion app. It helps you create and maintain your daily habits and goals. For each day you complete your tasks, you will grow a flower little by little. As long as you keep your habits, you will grow a garden and fill it with flowers!

• Create your daily habits, tasks or goals you wish to achieve every day.
• Each day, if you mark them all as achieved, a plant will flower, step by step.
• However, if you don’t achieve your tasks, a part of the flower will fade away.
• Each day, your tasks are automatically refreshed (to do again).
• As long as you take care of you, you will take care of your garden.

What we do and repeat everyday eventually defines what we are and what life we live. With the right habits, it is quite simple (but never easy) to bring balance, harmony, satisfaction and discipline in our life. Habits are not only things we do with our hands and feet, but also our mind: what we think about, how often we express gratitude or make compliments.

With this in mind, we wish you a happy life, and if our app helped you along the way, stop by to say “Hello”.  🙂

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