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INSPIRE is the companion for expressing wisdom, and awakening motivation, inspiration and happiness in our daily life.

Each quote is a drop of positivity and courage that will trigger something within us and resonate with us. These words have the power to awaken hope, faith and inner strength, along with ambition and motivation.

INSPIRE is much more than a simple quotes app. It helps you to grow and reach the best of yourself thanks to:

● Thousands of carefully curated, always hand-picked quotes.
● Categorized into meaningful situations of life: need to find peace, overcome fear of failure, get over a bad day, stop procrastinating, and much more.
● Multiple reminders to send you your daily dose of inspiration, anytime, anywhere, and help you build a healthy habit.
● Beautifully hand-crafted themes with images and fonts, fully customizable to reflect your humor.
● Easily share them with your friends, on Instagram, Pinterest or other social media, or use them as wallpapers.
● Create your own board of inspirations with your favorite quotes, to come back to it whenever you need it.

May it motivates you, conforts you, or even changes you, in the way it does with us.


Millefeuille Agency designed the app, curated the content and made the localizations for English, French and Chinese markets.