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Listening to well-selected music before sleep, for 30-60 min during 3 weeks, helps fight insomnia and improves sleep quality and memory.

We believe the best sleep is the one which transports you somewhere. And when you wake up, it’s like you came back from a journey. Don’t you agree? Then let us introduce Mysa, a sleep companion app to help you fall asleep and spend a sweet night :

◆ A single-view app focused on efficiency and simplicity,
◆ With high-quality selected soothing music,
◆ And peaceful natural sounds,
◆ To mix and match your moods,
◆ During desired time from 15 min to 10 hours.

Try it and I hope it will fly you to the moon in your sleep.
Send us some feedback when you come back on earth!

Available in English, French, Chinese (simplified, traditional), Japanese. For customer support, this way please.