What if, someday, you find out a journal of your parents, full of letters to you since you were 3 years old? Describing their life with you, what it felt having you, the challenges they have faced, those you have faced, etc.

I personally would love it if my parents did this because it would display a different side of them, a younger side of them, and the way they thought, the way they talked, how they felt back then.

Wouldn’t you?

As parents, we believe this journal, theses memories are priceless. That’s why we write to our children every time we feel like it, every time we want to tell them something but can’t say it loud, every time we need to clear our mind, every time we feel sorry, every time we are proud.

And to make it simple, fast, secured and accessible anytime, we are launching a mobile app for every parent.

Write to my children

🗝 Your entries will be secured. You can save them on your phone, on your disk, and on your Cloud to keep them for your children, even for 20 years from now.

Write to my children

📖 When time will come, give them access to your memories through the app or from anywhere you saved them. And let them read you.

Write to my children

📝 But until then, keep writing to them.

Write to my children

💡 And who knows, they might write to their own children to extend your legacy.

Soon available
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Let them know what we are like now, what life was like in the 2010s or 2020s. So they will know the story, and not the half-remembered story.

Want to start your journal? Let us know! We will inform you on the app’s release (no other spam).

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